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There is no time like the present and no present like the time!

What would happen if tomorrow you decide to count the time you have lived, and imagine that while doing so you realized that you have less time to live from this point on, than the years you have already lived until now...

What would you do differently with the time you still have?

How would you live your life from now on?

How would you invest your time?

With whom?

How might your "priorities" change?

What might you say no to?

Would you have time for those stupid fights? disagreements? resentments?

How about for unnecessary business meetings, conference calls about guidelines, procedures, and regulations knowing that nothing will be accomplished?

Would you have time for negative people, people that suck all the positive energy out of you?

How would you use your time? how would you invest it?

Would you spend quality time with your family and friends?

Would you invest in your self-development?

Would you go after your "DREAMS"

Do you even remember what was your "life's DREAM", what was that dream that kept you up at night? that excited you, that inspired you? that pushed you? that brought meaning to your life?

Do you remember what was your imPOSSIBLE dream?

and so?

What have you done about it? and if not now, when?

What if life was like a bag of your favorite "candies", and every year that you have lived, would equal a candy you have already eaten, and what if the bag was already half empty, what if you have been eating those candies as fast as you could, without taking the time to savor them, to appreciate them, to truly enjoying them?

What then? would you enjoy the rest of those candies differently?

What 3 significant things would you do with the time you still have?

What 3 meaningful things will you now do with that time?

Live your life with intentionality, do the things that bring you joy, have the courage to go after what you really, really want...

Stop leading that limited life? Stop believing those fear-based lies, and

start living the life you deserve, believe it, it is much closer than you think...

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