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Maximize team productivity, drive innovation, and secure a competitive edge for your company. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, learn management theories and leadership best practices to help you manage complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


At FEARLESS COACHING GROUP, we believe leadership is a privilege and a responsibility. It demands risk and accountability.

We’re here to push you out of the box. No one said leading effectively was easy. But you don’t have to do it alone. 


Our Leadership Training and Development programs stimulate long-term learning and growth in your organization.

Our training solutions will ignite your employees' desire to learn and will influence them to action, to apply what they've learned.

Your team will receive a customized leadership development plan so that you can continue to foster a culture of leadership development & growth.

Building a winning organization is an ongoing challenge. Leaders have a variety of goals, from creating a positive company culture and customer experience to sustaining productivity and increasing revenue.


A successful organization never stands still; it’s always growing and improving. And company growth ultimately depends on individual growth among leaders and team members.


Maximize team productivity, drive innovation, and secure a competitive edge for your company. Through hands-on exercises and dynamic discussions, learn management theories and leadership best practices to help you manage complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.


At Fearless Coaching Group, we offer a wide variety of proven solutions for leadership and team development that leads to wins for the organization. These include both public and on-site workshops, customized training, and executive coaching.





















  • Leadership & Executive Presence

  • Leading Through Uncertainty 

  • Developing The Leader Within You

  • Developing The Leaders Around You

  • Become A Person Of Influence

  • The Power Of Self-Leadership

  • If You Think You Are Leading, But No One Is Following You. Then Think Again

  • Executive Team Development Program

  • Executive Team Mentorship Program

  • Succession Planning; Identify/Develop current and future leaders

  • Develop/Enhance Leadership Competencies.

  • Team Development.

  • Team Engagement/Productivity/Sales.

  • Team Building.

  • Improve Communication.

  • Leadership Personality Assessment 


Team development begins with an effective development process. Lead your team away from where everybody else is, take it to a higher, more productive, more effective level. Invest in their potential, help develop leaders to support your company’s future growth.

A leader’s ability to positively influence people to take action is required in order to achieve a goal or objective, which is critical to the success of the team & the overall business. Empower each member of your team, develop their leadership potential.

Great & effective leaders know how to add value to their teams, how to connect with them, they know how to earn/maintain their trust and respect, they know how to use motivational tools to influence their team to “want” to do what is necessary to ensure a positive outcome.


Our Leadership Development program will allow you to sharpen the leadership skills needed for both personal and professional growth. Learn more about your own leadership style and how to effectively maximize your strengths as a leader with this insightful, powerful and practical program.


Communication. Confidence.  Vision.  Integrity.  Courage.  Perseverance - these are some of the traits that successful leaders possess.  While knowledge and experience are critical to success in business, truly gifted leaders are recognized through their words and actions. Leaders must have highly developed self-awareness, and they must also connect with others in a meaningful and authentic way.  These characteristics embody true “leadership presence,” and leaders can learn and put into practice these important communication attributes.  


Leadership presence is, in part, a projection of values and conviction, and it requires honesty, trust, and confidence.  How leaders look and sound has a profound impact on the image they project, and this image can either strengthen or weaken their ability to inspire and motivate an audience. 


Our Leadership Training & Development programs will facilitate the opportunity to explore, develop, and refine your leadership presence so that you can lead more effectively in your organization.


Is your team equipped, empowered to collaborate, and deliver exceptional results?

Leverage and maximize the impact of our experience to enhance, to accelerate your team's overall performance. At Fearless Coaching Group, we deliver powerful team workshops designed to meet your team's specific needs and deliver competitive advantage. We craft our approach through individual-focused interviews, identifying areas of strength and opportunity. Our workshop and follow-up session will enable your team to deliver unprecedented results with improved collaboration, innovation, and cohesion. Contact us to get started!

Add value to your team, develop their leadership potential, and invest in your organizational growth!

















LI, NY  03/2018


Our Leadership Development Program

Leaders are required to manage apparently conflicting needs on a daily basis. Our program will allow your Leadership Team to understand their balancing act and expand their leadership capabilities to maximize organizational performance. Leaders gain an essential understanding of their behaviors and stress responses that can make or break the organization.


Leadership Competencies

Leadership competency assessment provides actionable roadmaps that enable leaders to deeply understand their own behaviors as related to best practices for either senior or emerging leaders. If your organization already has its own unique leadership competencies,

Develop Your Team

Determine if your high performers have leadership potential before promoting them to management. Proactively use the results to identify the high potentials in your organization and use our leadership competency analysis to quickly hone their leadership skills.


Empower Your Team

Engagement is a psychological phenomenon that is unique to each individual. That's why it is important that you empower your managers with the key data they need to understand and foster engagement for their individual employees. Our Individual Engagement Training provides a roadmap of each employee's aspirations, expectations, and related behavior patterns in order to maximize engagement and retention.


Build Leadership Succession

Build leadership pipelines using our Succession Planning Assessment that includes a unique system making it easy to discover who is ready to move to the next level.


Assess Your Leadership Team

Does your existing leadership team have the competencies to fulfill your strategic plan? Find out using our customizable Leadership Assessment which measures the competencies that will be needed for each senior management role - DiSC / 360 EQ-i 2.0


Develop Their Coaching Skills

Support your Leadership Team to become better coaches by using our coaching for results that focus on their ability to pause, ask relevant, behavior-driven questions to empower their team to THINK!.

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