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Updated: May 5, 2022

Whether you are a high performing leader, an entrepreneur, or a business owner, the secret of your success is predicated on what you choose to do every day.

Your daily activities can easily predict with certainty whether you are heading in the right direction or not, as they outline the steps you need to take on a daily basis that is vital to achieving your goal.

In 1998, following a disappointing Rowing World Championship, Coach Ben Hunt-Davis and his GB men's rowing team, realized that if they carried on doing what they were doing, they would keep getting what they’d been getting, 7th place finishes.

So instead, they decided to approach things differently, critically, asking the same simple question with every single decision and action they took: "Will it make the boat go faster?"

This powerful question and mindset enabled them to win an Olimpic Gold Medal in 2000. This single, yet thought-provoking, transformational question was about ensuring they were focussing on the right things, as they continue to improve on how they did those things.

It seems as though we often spend our time doing what's in front of us, rather than doing the things that will really make a difference.

Apply this powerful question to your life, to your business!

Will the actions I'm currently taking make my "BOAT GO FASTER?"

Are the activities I'm focusing now, helping my business be more efficient, productive, profitable?

The secret behind a success and massive impact is powerful questions. If you'd like to create a powerful 2022, you need to be asking youself, the right questions!

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