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Are you living a life worth living?? Living a life that matters, a life of purpose, living it with intentionality, well, it begins with Intentional Thinking!!!

Thinking that our lives have already been written, takes the responsibility away, takes the ownership away from us to do something with it… it is much easier to think like that, then we don’t have to do much about it, all we have to do is…live it? but living it, is not living it unless we do it with a purpose.

So what is your purpose in life? do you know it? have you found it?

I have lived a big part of my life without intentionality, without a purpose, just going through the motions, and even when I thought I had a plan, I did not see it through with a purpose, I did not live it with intentionality.

I have always designed, created and revised my business plan, my goals, my objectives, I can say with certainty that I have always been driven, but being driven, and being driven with an intentional thinking is not the same thing.

When you are driven with intentionality, you do the right things, at the right time for the right reasons, and you don’t lose sight of what matters the most, you focus on true priorities, you focus on giving, not on taking, you add value to others, you enjoy the journey, not just the destination, because you understand that it is that journey that adds the meaning to your destination.

And then you start to live a meaningful life, a LIFE of Intentional Thinking!!!

Have you ever felt like that, like you were going nowhere fast? and how do you know when you got there? – You were missing something, or maybe you are still missing something… a purpose?

Have you always known there’s more to life than what you are currently experiencing?

Do you know you are capable of so much, much more than what you’ve accomplished?

Live your life with an intent driven approach, do not get stuck in a pattern of self-sabotage, fear and worry that is preventing you from being who you know you are capable of being... The power is in your hands.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to others, we have to take responsibility, ownership for our own lives.

We should, we can, we must write our own worth living life story, and it starts by being present, and fully aware, with a clear focus of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and how you are doing it...

Everybody loves a great story, so let’s create our own, let’s write the greatest story ever told, with our own great ending, don't just read some else's story, become the star on your own master piece, tap into your uniqueness, into your super powers, and live a life of significance, not a limited life. LIVE the ONE LIFE you have...

If you knew you could achieve whatever you want, what would you try?

If you knew that time, money, support, skill, and fear will not be an obstacle what would you like to create?

If you knew you could not fail, what would be the imPOSSIBLE dream you would want to go after?

So do it, live this one life with intentional thinking, do not put your life in automatic, you may get there to a destination, but not necessarily your desired destination, and certainly you'd have missed the truly important details of your journey.

Intentional thinking,

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