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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We know that things are difficult right now, you're at home, businesses are closed, events are canceled, and the whole world seems different now. But when things finally settled down, then what?

Will you be playing catch up? Or are you being intentional around maximizing the gift of time we've been given to stay relevant, & to prepare for what’s coming next?

When this is all over when things settle out and life resumes as normal, we'll, a new normal, will you be better off?

Take this time as a gift: use it to invest in yourself, your future, your business. Use it to become better and stronger. To become more focused, more generous, and more fulfilled...

The biggest mistake we make in life is to think we have enough time, time is free but is priceless, you can’t own it but you can use it, you can’t keep it but you can spend it, time is more valuable than money, you can always get more money, but you can never get more time… Steve Jobs said, time is limited so don’t waste it by living someone else’s life!

  • How would you describe your business’ success prior to this crisis?

  • Were you enjoying the kind of success you once dreamed about?

  • Were you accomplishing those things you claim were important to you?

  • How promising would you say your future looked like before this crisis?

  • How does today impact tomorrow’s success?

You start working for what you want tomorrow, today! Your daily actions could've described with much accuracy, which direction your life was heading before this gift. We used to complain about not having enough time or needing more time, so now we have it, now what???

Our main problem is that we are too busy living in the past, thinking about our future, and failing to maximize today, the NOW!

  • What new skill or ability have you developed?

  • When was the last time you did something for the first time?

  • What will you do if you knew you could not fail?

  • What would you do if you knew it was OK to fail?

  • What would success look like to you/your organization within 6 months, and what are you doing now to achieve it?

  • What must you do now in order to prepare for potential changes in the way you might be expected to service?

  • What must you do now to ensure your offering is still attractive and compelling in the new reality?

On the other side of the storm it’s the strength that comes from navigating through it, so raise your sail again. Just because you are struggling doesn’t mean you are failing, sometimes people equate struggling with failures and it’s not even close, in fact, if you are struggling it tells me you are still in the game... and that my friends, that is a very good thing...

How are you utilizing this Gift Of Time???

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