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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

One of the things I have learned in our business and may be applicable to other industries is the benefit of mastering your ability of story-telling.

Have your best, most appealing stories handy, ready to be shared, stories

about how you helped a "specific client".

I'm sure you would agree with me, stories are much powerful than a full list of programs and benefits, in some cases, they can be even more convincing than testimonials.

I have enrolled clients based on stories I have shared on how I have been able to help other clients, true stories!

We can tell stories about how our coaching, or consulting created a dramatic success, a substantial impact, these stories go straight to the right side of our clients' brains because people [we all do] picture stories and let them into the part of the brain that gets excited. We think in pictures, and we create this action movie based on the story we are hearing, and we imagine ourselves as the start of that success and action-packed movie.

So let's not bore our potential clients with features, benefits, details, and more details about our coaching, because that goes to the wrong side of the brain, [wrong for what we are trying to achieve], the left side, the one in charge of sales resistance, that's the side that worries, and probably responsible for leaving our clients thinking about that they probably can't afford you.

So instead, when someone asks about what you do or says tell me about your coaching, how does it work?

That is an invitation for you to your best, successful and convincing coaching stories"

Stories sell, we want our clients to hear the story, to picture the transformation, to imagine and feel the excitement, we want them to think "I want that for me"

Paint that picture, tell it with a story!

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