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Updated: Mar 1, 2022

A tale of leadership in high heels!

We, at Fearless Coaching Group would like to congratulate one of our friends and valued member of our Leadership Coaching/Mentoring program, for her recent and well deserved promotion to District Manager for a major retail organization.

Her journey...

This is a story about dedication, focus and commitment, a tale of leadership in high heels - From MEDELLIN to a Major Retail Organization...

As a young girl she dreamed of becoming a doctor, while life planned a different path for her, she never allowed circumstances to define her, she knew she was destined for something else, and even though things at times didn't seem to go her way, she never stopped trying...

As a young woman she found herself leaving her roots, leaving behind almost everything she once held precious, and just for the promise of a better life, and better circumstances.

Working in different venues, looking for that thing that would fill her soul, she searched, and searched, and searched until…

She always excelled at connecting with others, at motivating others with her vibrating outgoing personality, at supporting others achieve what they wanted, as well as driving for results, so it was no stretch to think that it would be just a matter of time before she would find her dream job...

So after a few years of job bouncing, but without losing focus of what she wanted, her retail journey had begun, while in South Florida, the unusual suspects an off retail store looking for associates, and a diamond in the rough looking to be discovered, looking to be shaped and polished, finally found each other.

Almost immediately a new job started, filled with dreams, desires, aspirations, and soon thereafter a career emerged. One Company, one Goal, one Dream!

Her journey, filled with personal challenges, self-doubts and fears, was still her journey, and when others would say “NO”, she would just keep going, despite the numerous obstacles and setbacks, she kept herself believing, and committed, when others may have quit, she instead, reflected and then readjusted. Her journey could very well be a blue print on how to find instant success in just 13 YEARS.

From a driven part time fitting room associate, to a highly effective store manager, to a newly promoted, yet already proven District Leader, a brand new District Manager. Her adventure was everything but easy, at times even against all odds, against the naysayers, the non-believers, overcoming assumptions, perceptions, biases, judgments, and limiting self-beliefs.

She never gave up, she may have thought about it, but never considered it, not even in those times when two of her closest friends came to visit with her, you probably know them, fear and self-doubt, when these two come to visit, they are planning on staying for a while, if you let them, so she did not, she recognized that they would only have power over her, if she gave it to them, so again, she did not…

This is an inspirational story about dedication, focus and commitment, a story about failures, and successes, a story about overcoming obstacles, but more importantly, is a story about believing in yourself, even when others may not, is about staying focused on what you want, despite this noisy world, is about staying committed, specially when things may not appear to go your way, is about finding your “why” and dedicate your mind, time, and effort to reach far beyond any perceived limitations to achieve your dream and is about knowing whom you need to become to achieve it.

This is a true representation about the highest level of leadership in high heels.

We, at Fearless Coaching Group are extremely proud of her accomplishment!

In her honor we decided to share this brief overview about her journey, with the sincere desire to inspire, empower and influence others to go after their dreams.

She crafted her vision, she designed her path and she is creating her future, her journey is not done, it has just begun!

From a part time associate to a District Manager, from MEDELLIN to a Major Retail Organization.

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