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THE BU$INE$$ OF COACHING; Self - study


Welcome to "Reinventing The Bu$ine$$ of Coaching" or Clients' creation program... For some time I’ve been wanting to create an affordable version of my “Fearless to Change” boutique group coaching program and to give back to the beautiful coaching community. This self-study course is filled with ideas, tips, learnings, and advice, its content comes from my personal journey, my own coaching sessions with my coach. It also stems from my own participation in coaching training & intensives seminars on systems for the acquisition/cultivation of clients, and the building of a prosperous coaching business. Most of the coaching schools/institutes focus on teaching methods to become a coach but none of them teach you how to become a prosperous coach. THIS IS THE MISSING LINK! As one of my mentors put it: "The bar to enter into the coaching business is very low, but the bar to be successful is very high." That's why we have decided to offer this course, with the only purpose in mind of sharing with you our experiences, mistakes, failures, successes, and practices to achieve a successful, thriving business, in the Bu$ine$$ of Coaching! The core of this program is based on proven and successful tips for creating high-paying clients. If you don't have paid clients, then you are NOT a Professional Coach!

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