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Welcome, to Empathy! Daniel Goleman, who coined the term “emotional intelligence,” wrote an article about why empathy is lacking so much in modern interactions, he points out that our brains were designed for face-to-face interactions, which give us the opportunity to respond to communication in a much more empathetic manner. When we interact with people in the online world, which has become our new norm, something is lost. We miss out on the cues that would otherwise trigger our empathy and therefore requires a whole new level of attention and tuning in to I strongly believe that it is the softer side of leadership that differentiates exceptional leaders from average ones. Understanding the importance of soft skills and improving them are two different things. Some leaders are troubled by an inability to transform their intellectual understanding of soft skills into behaviors and practices that guide their organizations forward, and one of those soft skills is - EMPATHY! In this course, we will explore how we connect with others and the ways we can strengthen our ability to connect. Everyone values empathy, but it is a complex quality to demonstrate consistently amidst our busy, and distracted lives. BENEFITS Better understand the needs of those around you Become more clear about how you affect others Learn to quickly recognize non-verbal cues Equip yourself to effectively deal with interpersonal conflict Become a better, more engaged Leader

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