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Edwin Quijada Fearless Coach

I’m a transformational- emotional Intelligence coach, Professional Keynote Speaker, and Leadership Expert who works with executives, entrepreneurs, high performing leaders, and coaches. I work with my clients to help them address leadership, productivity challenges, growth, profitability concerns, and other issues that have them feeling unfulfilled, discouraged, or unsatisfied in their professional or personal lives.


In my 8 years of coaching, I’ve developed a comprehensive approach to helping my clients. Most of them are initially focused on that single “problem” or “project,” however, I help them take a step back and examine their thought patterns that get in the way of crafting creative solutions that allow for a different perspective to emerge, that supports other approaches to move forward in their work.


Edwin Quijada is a Transformational Coach, Motivational Speaker, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership Expert. Member of the John Maxwell Team's mentorship program, a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, DiSC, a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, EQ-i 2.0/EQ-i 360. 

Goleman EI - Emotional Intelligence Training. Member of the renowned Steve Chandler's ACS, Coaching School, & The Prosperous Coach Community.

As a Transformational Coach, he leads with authenticity, powerfully, convincingly, and fearlessly. He consistently and intuitively challenges how his clients see the world. Through his objectivity, insight, and ability, he helps them visualize a different perspective, because when someone sees the world differently, they show up differently, and they feel empowered to create results that seemed impossible before. And that is MAGICAL, a true MIRACLE of our belief system.


As a Coach 4 Coaches, he works with his clients on "the Business of Coaching", not "the Coaching Business". Most of the coaching schools/institutes teach methods on how to become a coach but none of them teach you how to become a prosperous coach. This is the missing LINK!. Edwin uses a system that focuses on "CREATING the NEXT CLIENT! Clients are not found, nor are they attracted, they are created, one conversation at a time - If you don't have a CLIENT, you are not a COACH!. As one of my coaches says "The bar to enter into the coaching business is very low, but the bar to be successful is very high, our simple objective in mind is based on sharing with you our experiences, mistakes, successes, and practices to achieve a prosperous business. 


As a Motivational Speaker, Edwin’s unique and innovative thought process, as well as his natural creative abilities, allow him to develop insightful, humorous, thought-provoking, and influential presentations. He has a very informative, entertaining, and highly engaging style to deliver impactful and inspiring messages for his audiences.


You will always leave Edwin’s programs with practical, applicable tips, ideas, and concepts that you can utilize and implement immediately. He will motivate and inspire you to find your “why”. Your team will come out with a renewed purpose, renewed determination to succeed, he will empower you, and he will influence you to action.


As a Leadership Expert, he inspires and challenges his audiences to not just to learn but to apply the content, so they can lead with excellence. He makes them think, and pause. His commitment to developing and training leaders is his life purpose and legacy.

Our leadership training curriculum can be customized to specifically address your organizational, and leadership challenges.


With over 15 years of experience in senior executive leadership roles for major corporations in the US, Edwin had the opportunity to lead and build highly effective, productive teams. He has a proven record for identifying and developing talent, influencing execution and motivating others, he has influenced change and execution at different levels of those organizations, while consistently coaching, mentoring executive leaders at different companies. Investing time in self-development with an intent-driven approach has been his priority.


Edwin has studies in Justice Administration, Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership & Management, and in Organizational Leadership.

Edwin is a Certified Coach, Speaker & Leadership Expert with the John Maxwell Team, he is also a Certified EQ Coach, [EQ-i 2.0 & EQ-i 360]. As an EQ Coach, he administers assessments and trains individuals, leaders, and organizations in Emotional/Social Intelligence. Edwin is also a member of the Prosperous Coach Community and the renowned, Steve Chandler's ACS Coaching School.


He is a strong-willed individual with a passionate mission, and with a strong commitment to others. He believes that everyone has the potential to turn potential into performance, and that success is a matter of personal choice. Edwin wants to play a role in the development of future leaders…we all have a purpose and a responsibility in life, and he strongly believes this is his...


Edwin believes in personal growth & self-development, and that's the main reason he joined the Steve Chandler's ACS, Coaching School, & Rich Litvin Intensive Coaching Program, to continue to sharpen & hone his transformational coaching craft and enhance his overall mastery level.


During the past 9 years, he has presented and spoken at numerous conferences & seminars in the US and in Central America.

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