Executive Coaching

We help our clients change the way they see their world because when they change the way they see their world, their world changes. We encourage them to believe in themselves, to develop their potential into performance, we empower them to reach far beyond their perceived limitations. Transformational & Executive Coaching.


Let's address the Elephant in the room, no one needs Coaching, but everybody could benefit from what Coaching can do!

We @ Fearless Coaching Group, do not offer Coaching, we offer you possibilities, we don't coach the problem, nor the profession, we focus on you, as an individual with an undeniable & unique talent within, and we utilize Coaching as a vehicle to help you see what is truly possible for you!

Gaining vision clarity!

Not knowing where you are heading can feel confusing, and even scary, so gaining vision clarity could give you the opportunity to appreciate the undeniable truth about the endless possibilities. During my years of coaching, I’ve seen clients, people like you, high-performing leaders, business owners, and executives with the same fears, biases, assumptions, and limiting beliefs, make amazing discoveries about what they are really capable of when they finally realize that the stories they tell themselves are just that, stories and that they don’t have to believe them, because they are not true.

You know those stories  we tell ourselves all the time, not enough creativity…, not enough vision…, not enough time/money…, not enough support or I’m not good at…, or if I could only…, or I’m really bad at, and more often than not it’s just some version of “I’m not enough.”

Everyone has limited thinking, limiting self-belief; it’s just part of being human but it doesn’t have to shape our lives unless you let it.

Coaching is a partnership, an alliance, so working together, we will explore and disprove all of those self-defeating internal stories you are telling yourself that could be the reason why you are holding yourself back.

Once these stories, perceptions are challenged and pushed to the side, you will enjoy a dramatic clarity, you will experience a vibrational shift in how you perceive and approach life, discovering a worldview that is hopeful, exciting, and filled with endless possibilities.

Furthermore, this transformational change will occur from the inside out, our work will have an overall positive halo effect in your life as well.


In individual coaching, we work together in a relaxed, safe, and confidential space where we can focus on your perspective on how you see the world, while also integrating new perspectives and approaches that are both practical and doable. Our work is not about discomfort and driving yourself beyond your limits; it’s about seeing how life works on our behalf and then designing what you desire.

Building a coaching relationship;  First, we’ll get a lay of the land – talking about you, your desires and goals, and your concerns and challenges.

Coaching is a conversational exchange, where we’re in it together, accessing your own wisdom and insights to gain a greater understanding of what makes sense for you. We’ll build a strong collaborative partnership, unlike no other relationship you’ve experienced.


If… you are serious about substantially growing yourself, your business, and improving the quality of your life, AND you are willing to be open-minded enough to new ideas – many of which will be counter-intuitive and may even contradict what you’ve learned, assumed, and believed to be true about success in the past…

And… you’re willing to allocate the appropriate amount of undisturbed time and energy APPLYING, IMPLEMENTING the STRATEGIES identified during our one on one coaching sessions, into your business and personal life…


Then… call us to schedule a powerful discovery conversation, without any further obligation.

You would be glad you did!

Here are 3 things you need to know right away:

  • The most successful leaders were not born with any more talent, potential, resources, or ‘luck’ than you and I.

  • Their success has come by deliberately thinking differently from how most individuals think.

  • You can make the same choice.


You don’t have to take our word for it. Albert Einstein said we cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them, and yet that’s exactly what 99% of individuals, executives, and business owners do.


Every individual leader, executive, and business owner I know is anxious to improve their circumstances, but most of them are unwilling to improve themselves, consequently, they remain stuck in the results they work so desperately hard to change. Many of these are bright, hard-working individuals, but because they’ve always done things in a certain way, their minds are blind to a different approach, and so at best they earn a comfortable living, at worst their businesses and/or their professional careers fail.


Our transformational Coaching centers around helping our clients create exceptional results in their lives, careers, businesses, or organizations, helping them to bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. we partner with our clients to design the life they want, bring out their own individual creativity, brightness, and resources so that they can achieve excellence and create purposeful, meaningful, extraordinary results. By creating vision clarity, we help move our clients into action, expediting their progress by providing greater focus and awareness.


The underlying philosophy behind coaching is that we have immeasurable resources of energy, wisdom, ability, and genius waiting to be set in motion. We can create the life we want faster and more easily by partnering with a coach who helps us utilize these resources to facilitate change and realize our potential. Coaching focuses on the present and future, the client’s strengths, life purpose, and goals.


The approach is simple: Achieving success is ultimately about two things: an effective mindset and an effective belief system. Your effectiveness will never outgrow the quality of thinking applied to it. Results are effects, and unless you are willing to improve the cause of those effects, they’ll not change.

People who enjoy extraordinary success, financial freedom, and personal fulfillment are driven by a mindset and belief system that is significantly different from the rest. Simply put it, is about learning how to think creatively, with intentionality and not just habitually.


We intuitively and fearlessly challenge how our clients see the world.  By using my authenticity, insight, and the ability to help them visualize a different, new perspective. Coaching is about the future. It’s about creating a preferred future, one that’s different from the future that would have come by default, if you had no coach and no sense of direction, creativity, and no commitment. 


Our Coaching is a learning experience revolving around taking action.


















We show up the way we like others to show up, for us, that means focused, playful, lighthearted, and not too serious, Our coaching sessions and programs are highly productive and world-changing experiences that are designed to help you create remarkable transformation in your inner world and to design a plan for a preferred vision of your future!


Our promise to you, we'll hold nothing back, we'll tell you the things that probably no one has told you, but that you need to hear, we'll support you, we'll challenge you, and we'll believe in you, even when you forget to believe in yourself. we'll come from a place of love.


Now don't get us wrong, it will be YOUR responsibility to take whatever we do together and be intentional in applying it. You will take with you everything you'll need in order to BE, DO, and CREATE, whatever it is you desire in your life, your business, your relationships, your job, your health, your finances, and your happiness!

Everything that we know, everything We've been taught, everything we've coached others on or been coached on ourselves, everything that we share with individuals and groups to help THEM will be available to you, to become yours!


It will be powerful, it will be FULL of laughs and jokes, tons of love, compassion, and support AND it will be an experience that NEITHER of us will ever forget.


Here are 5 things you need to know about us:

  • We follow you rather than a process

  • We rely on my intuition, rather than models to guide us

  • We will tell you what you need to hear

  • We will challenge your limiting beliefs and assumptions, gently but firm

  • Coaching is in our DNA's essence - is where we learn, evolve, love, and where we show up fearlessly to play the game of life!


If you live in the South Florida area, we can meet in person. I also work with clients with whom we have had great success while meeting via video conference.